Nuestras Ventajas

1Rapid and effective service of repair.
We possess a service of effective workshop and always the most competitive price.
2Sale and made-to-measure financing.
We have a few conditions of sale and financing that sure adjust to your possibilities.
3The best guarantee in S’Escapada.
We possess the best brands but also we give you the best guarantee.
4Outlet and Secondhand.
We have an Outlet with the best opportunities in, bicycles, materially, etc. Besides bicycles and material of the second hand with all the guarantees.

Types of bicycles

  • Infantile: 12′ up to 24′
  • Juvenile: 26′
  • BTT: 26′, 27,5′ and 29′
  • DIRT
  • BMX
  • Trecking
  • Walk
  • City
  • Cruissers or beach

Everything on the bicycle

Because NOT everything is BTT or Road. In bicycles S’Escapada we think about the cyclist.

If your relation with the cycling limits itself to using the bicycle to be going to realize the purchase, to give a “Sunday” walk with the friends, the girlfriend, woman, husband, children and infinity of other options … For you and you also we have a space reserved in our shops in which you will be able to find everything what you need to realize the type of cycling that queráis. You can find from the minimal incidental: padlocks, stamps, lights, baskets, portabultos, clothes, helmet, refills, bombs, and a length etc … Up to ANY type of bicycle