Wine Tracks, La Rioja

Wine Tracks, La Rioja

FROM € 415 per person A/D in double room (minimum group of 4 people)

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    A MTB route down the vineyards in La Rioja and La Rioja from Álava.

    A journey along centenary and modern wineries. La Rioja, a land with a wine’s name, where all our conversations will focus on its star product.

    Wine is culture, a way of life you will be able to experience during your visit to La Rioja. Even if you know nothing about wine, even if you do not like to drink it, riding across La Rioja in a journey specializing on wine culture will truly astound you.

    Along the route we will be able to visit the area’s most beautiful wineries, experiencing a first-hand view of vineyard work: the stepping on the grapes and the work of a winegrower. By practicing our sport among vineyards we will receive our greatest reward when, in good company and with some good wine, we enjoy the exquisite dishes of the area: Riojan-style potatoes, caparrón (meat stew with kidney beans), pochas (stringbeans) with quail or Riojan-style eggs.

    All year round

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