Transpirenaica, from de mediterranean sea to the cantabrian sea

Transpirenaica, from de mediterranean sea to the cantabrian sea

FROM € 950 per person A/D in double room (minimum group of 6 people)

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    The Pyrenees mountain range is a bastion, a natural frontier, which rises majestically to the northern edge of the Iberian Peninsula, between Spain, Andorra and France. It crosses more than 400 kilometers from the Cantabrian Sea (Vizcaya gulf) in the west to the Mediterranean Sea (Creus cape) in the east.

    With more than two hundred peaks that exceed 3,000 meters of altitude, the Pyrenees have the last Iberian glaciers, wide valleys, deep canyons and extensive forests. Here survive the last brown bears, the most important population of quebrantahuesos in Europe and species very adapted to the climatic rigors such as the ptarmigan or edelweis.


    The inhabitants of the Pyrenees are people with mountain tradition and gastronomy, based on products from the area cooked on a low fire. Ternasco (lamb) from Aragón, breadcrumbs shepherdess style, mushrooms or products from the sea, accompanied by succulent broths with designation of origin, will allow us to enjoy the great diversity of products of the Pyrenean área

    Everyone who loves riding our bike have thought at some point about something like Transpirenaica. Whether we train hard or we just go for a fun ride on weekends. Whether we form a group of inseparable or if we like solitude in our effort.

    We have all dreamed of taking our bike and going on the road and just keep moving forward without having to return. Always forward. To bike the hardest climbs and explore the most remote valleys. And keep moving forward. To spend the night somewhere where our bike is welcomed and pedaling with the first lights the next day. No other concern than riding every single kilometer, the clouds that may bring rain or our tire pressure. And keep moving forward, advancing to the sea.

    That’s what Transpirenaica means

    From april to november

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